Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ads in the blog

I have added some Google AdSense and Amazon ads to the blog. I know it looks awful but it's just a test, that's not the final look & feel.
I've been wondering for a while how this online advertising thing works, how complex it is to setup an account, how do you track the activity, what kind of money is involved, etc.
Setting up the accounts has been pretty easy, especially for AdSense (since I'm already using a Google service), where my account is said to be pending approval. For Amazon it is also integrated into Blogger, except for the initial registration page, but everything was smooth.
In both cases there are many options such as ad content, size, etc. so it might take a while until I figure what fits best., if i ever get there.
So far the experience has just started, so I can't tell yet but I'll try to keep posting about it.

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